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What is UMAC?

Unique Masterpiece Artist Collective is a deep connection of artists invested in each other's success.

UMAC supports the next wave of outdated music industry models where labels take your music and distribute it for a cut.

This collective of seasoned artists is ready to move forward with a unique and authentic community.


What's in it for you?

A Resource network full of every service's names, contacts, and locations. Created by the artist circle for the artist circle


A Mastermind group - We meet monthly to talk about our music creation journey. What new innovations in the music industry have we come across? A space to speak on where we need help and get the suggestions of other like minds. A space to inspire each other into more creative expression.

Collective Music Distribution (Optional)

Artists will collaborate yearly on a music album. This album can be toured or paired with teaching workshops. Money made from this will go towards the treasury artists use to release more music and creative content. 

Teach your art - Our artists are also teachers. Most times, the best way to make money as an artist is to teach the world your skills. We curate workshops and events and would love to feature you. Give you a stage to share your gifts.

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Exclusive access to events and workshops

Individual Artist Services

Every artist gets music label services, including branding, marketing, and music videos. These services grow and become more high level as the artists show up, and more money comes into the treasury. This money is cycled back into bringing all these services to the artists.

  • ​Content Creation packages

  • VA Services

  • Music Release Management (Get support and love for your next release by putting your music out through the Unique Masterpiece. Own all your masters and give a small percentage of royalties to UM. These royalty percentages go right into the treasury used to fund more music creations of the artists in the circle. )

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Promotion through our UM channels

Email & Social Media

Standards for Joining
UM Artist

It’s important that everyone in the group feels like they are standing next to someone who takes their creative expression seriously. We want the people next to us to lift us and inspire us forward. This list of requirements creates a sense of depth of artistry. It’s up to the artists within the circle to refine this list. 


1. Artistic Credentials

Music projects (EPs, albums, or at least 10 singles)

available on digital distribution platforms.

Perform your music at UMAC live events

Show up to 


Teaching your creative skills at in-person/online workshops and courses (audio/video content)

Promote each other

Add music industry contacts to the database.

Submit music to our UM Compilation albums

The duties of each Artist

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