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Let's Create

Unique Masterpiece is dedicated to supporting your creative expression through workshops, events, one on one support and more.

Here is a list of our top offerings.


for singer-songwriters

poets, rappers, producers, and artists of all genres.


 We welcome  Those who are eyeing their next level of expression.  to the core of your creative process


 into your evolution as a human and creator.

At what retreat can you musical liberate yourself and become a whole human being, and at the same time,  leave the experience with a song?!!?

For those who create life-changing music.


We understand the technical, deep embodied.


we have our inner practice giving us the skill of listening to heart and soul.


  our multi-genre team servess with production for full albums, Eps, Singles, and Remixes.


From idea,all the way to mixing and mastering. 


MUSIC producers, instrumentalists, and coaches support your full completion of your next music masterpiece.

Screen Shot 2022-10-22 at 1.05.26 PM.png

Artist Ashram moves you through your creative Landscape. Those that your senses can touch and those that dance on the waves that wash up within you.

The Ashram is one part mastermind and another part creative coworking, an intentional space for you to work on your projects and expand your creative comfort zone.

This creative ashram is for those who are already deeply devoted to their creative process.

Creative workshops and teachings to support clarity of mind, the purpose of heart, and skill of the hands.


Hosted on Mighty Networks, UNIQ is the home to music artist communities and VIP spaces.


Through the dance of creative play we go beyond the modern-day algorithm platforms.


Our social currency is called $UNIQ. We use this creative cash to is love and support the artists within our community and those that we are connected to.  Use your $UNIQ to take a workshop out of the store. 

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