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Welcome Creative Family!

Sri Kala here. My vision as a musician and creative coach is to create and hold spaces that facilitate your expansion & freedom as an artist.

For years I have been hosting in-person events, online challenges, and virtual workshops devoted
 to pushing the limits of creative expression.


This is the purpose of Artist Asham.

You are HERE because you have been specifically invited. Check out the info below, and if you're a YES, fill out the quick application so we can get to know you.  

The What:


Welcome to the Artist Ashram, a haven for artists seeking to explore their true artistic selves and nurture their innovation. The mission statement of the Ashram is to create an inner space where creativity flows freely, and participants experience deeper levels of listening, extended periods of inspiration, and constant streams of innovation. As artists, we have a beautiful responsibility to create and bring our inner landscape into the outer landscape. This includes understanding life on a deeper level beyond the physical, such as the spiritual and mental. The Ashram provides a safe space for artists to express themselves freely, including the rawness of their emotions, and to use all of that in expression.

The Ashram is a place of devotion where participants can integrate their internal experience, make art out of their broken parts, and reintegrate with themselves. It is a space for artists to surrender into the truth of who they are, where they are right now in this moment, with no limitations on their creativity. The Ashram is a safe space because it is surrounded by others who share the same focus and mission, who understand that art is meant to be free and expansive, and that it can be both within and outside of boxes. The Ashram provides an opportunity to break down walls when needed and to be in a box when necessary. Ultimately, the Ashram is a place where artists can show up for their creative expression again and again, every day.


The How:


Artist Ashram sessions are bi-weekly on Zoom. These are fully interactive experiences where we each hold down our creative station(s) representing the art form we are currently focusing on. Our main creative stations are writing, movement, art, and music.

Before you can join Artist Ashram, you music first attend an “Open House.”

This is an introduction to how the space works
and an invitation to experience this unique form of creative co-creation. We hold Open Houses regularly on a rolling basis for prospective members to check out the space. 

To join an Open House, please fill out the application for
m below. You are here because a committed member personally nominated you, and this is a safe space for you to arrive, create, hold, and be held. 

Artist Ashram 11_15- Open Jam w_ Sri (1).png

Want more details? Here are a few of the Artist Ashram foundations!

  •  AA is about free expression- and deep listening. Being all of you and allowing others the same truth.

  • Recognizing & honoring that you are always “in” your flow 

  • Being 100% of how YOU are right here in the moment

  • Playing like a child

  • Question the limits of your reality so you can access and move beyond your growth edge

How Artist Ashram Came To Be

Birthed in the heart of NYC, Artist Ashram began as an in-person creative event. Sri Kala created this event in 2011 from the desire to fully experience the edges of his own creative capacity.


He brought together all his favorite creative modalities for expression into an improvisational jam space.

Due to life’s changes, this creative movement took a big pause, and now the stars have realigned. We are opening up the Artist Ashram and getting it started for the first time as an online experience so everyone around the world can come together and play.

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