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What and How?
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What is $UNIQ?

    $UNIQ is the central currency used within Unique Masterpiece LLC. Minted on the Blockchain by Roll.


 Coins that inspire creative expression and authentic expression within the community. 


Holders of $UNIQ are the performers, the listeners, the ones commenting and sharing, and the top supporters! 


lovers  of our instrument, always growing our devotion. Curators of live events and experiences. 


$UNIQ is how we to return the love.


$UNIQ creative community currently consists of Music Artists coming in all shades of skin color. We actively welcome in and seek a diverse group of magic makers.  Singers Songwriters, Hip Hop artists, and Sound Healers. 


  As Teachers of creativity, we serve the container as we are blessed by it. Artists of $UNIQ  offer services into the rewards pot for all coin holders to choose from. Our artists bring their talent and business to the most devoted and sincere creators. As you can only exclusively get $UNIQ through an act of creative expression within the UM community. Making them top candidates for a new client. 


On top of top leads, $UNIQ artists get their own bag of tokens and have access to courses, discounts or free access to events.



​As you accumulate your $UNIQ coins you can spend them in our rewards store currently hosted on the roll platform. Our list of rewards is constantly growing as more artists come into our community. We will always email you when we have new rewards in. 

Here are a few top mentions:

  • Original Instrumentals by Sri Kala and other Actualize Artists

  • Workshops and Courses from our UM Artists

  • Tickets to live shows, Full pass and discounts

  • Exclusive token holder shows

  • Token-gated Mighty Networks Group

  • Human Design Sessions 

  • 1 on 1 Creative Retreats 

  • Music Consultations


Social Token Resources

How to use an earn code and get your $UNIQ Coins


The Future of Social Tokens with Roll's Bradley Miles

Social Tokens for creators explained  - Youtube video

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