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When is my art truly complete? 3 tips for finishing your masterpiece.

How do you know when a creation is truly complete, and fully in its final form?

Pablo Picasso Harlequin (1923)

I love this question! As i'm going through the same finalizing process right now. So it also helps me reground the science of good quality finished releases. I'm about to drop this next solo project after almost 2 years! So i've been dancing with joys and pains of finishing. Although this is geared towards finishing music you can use these ideas for any creative outlets.

Here are some gems from the science of finishing:

1. Be willing to use the geniuses around you for feedback. Have someone that has already put out some songs you love and have a great response from the masses to listen to your song and give you feedback. Have a list of around 2-4 people you know are DOING IT and send them things.. ask them for help and feedback. One of my mastering engineers, Blackler Mastering, works with several grammy winners and he worked for Sony records. He's got one of the best ears that I know. I send things to him and he gives me feedback on the mix so I can make some edits before mastering.

2. make time to finish. Most times we don't finish because we don't even open up the song again. Make time to sit with your unfinished things. Open up the archives and see what gems are there that you left behind. Most times I find treasures that only needed about an hours work to go before they are ready to be seen.

3. Listening sessions - to you songs 3 or 4 times without editing them and just take notes. I always do this when I get close to the end. Before I start editing whatever I hear... Stop listen and take notes. What could I add? what could i take away? Use it as a meditation session. Sit with it and listen... pull back your judgement of if the song is good or bad.. and let it show you how it makes you feel. The song already exists and it will tell you everything about who it is if you let it. Write it down.. And THEN have an editing session where you actually change things musically.

This deity named Jaganatha worshipped in India and all around the world by thousands.

The carving of Jaganatha was an unfinished project. The story was that the mystic carver told the King that he would carve a form of Krishna for him..but he had to wait outside until it was done. Long story short.. king broke that agreement. And when he entered the room.. the mystic disappeared.. and what was left behind was 3 seemingly unfinished deities. The king fell in love with what he saw and the kingdom decided to worship the deities anyway. Sometimes our unfinished art is another persons everything.

With Love




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