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Effortless Love: A Live Online Group with SriKala


Welcome in massive support for your fearless creative expression and fan the flames on the great value you bring to the world. During Effortless Love you will go deeper into your self mastery, harnessing all your potential energy and grounding it into the body. Learn to live forever in the dimension where all that you want exists.


We will use guided meditation, breathwork and creative writing to cross over the threshold of the thinking mind to experience the infinite power of the surrendered mind. Each session will also be sprinkled with touches of cosmic conversation, group poetry and improv fun.


Some of the topics discussed will be:

  • Love: the source of all emotions.

  • What is a creative block and how to move through it every time.

  • What grows your enthusiasm and determination for your service in the world?

  • Money and Living your Love

  • Knowing and self worth


Every month we have special guest speakers. Masters of their unique services here to support our journey and deepen our knowledge.


You will also have access to a private Facebook Group.

This group will be a perfect place to keep in touch with all of the group members. Also where we will be sharing content related to our sessions.


Participant Requirements

  • Notepad and pen for writing

  • Quiet and clean space for meditation

  • Location with good Wifi and Zoom software for video chat


Start Date: Wednesday, February 27th

Time: 1pm PT / 3pm ET

Duration: 1 hour

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