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Create Music at Sacred Sites of Sedona

There is a calling deep in your heart that yearns to be expressed. Stories that must be told and songs that must be sung before our time is done. Given the state of society, perhaps this is the moment to turn up the dial on our gifts and Actualize.

Your offering is the masterpiece that heals the world.


Sedona is one of the most sacred places on our precious planet. Nestled within the arms of red rocks, we are gathering a circle of heart-centered creators that are writing lyrics to turn the tides of humanity. Creators that are using music to heal the deepest parts of self, and are willing to tell the tale to inspire others.


Actualize Recording Retreat is for singer-songwriters, poets, rappers, music producers, and artists of all genres. From musical masters to weekend warriors, we will welcome a select few creators into this retreat who are eyeing the next level of expression. This curated container is designed to take you deeper into your own creative process and propel you into your next evolution as a human and creator.

Our deep dive will take place at a luxurious home nested in the red rocks for this private, VIP experience. We will eat together and spend our days in creative processes while also connecting with the natural beauty of Sedona. You will be supported by our amazing team to find your own lodging and will have the option to be placed in a retreat house with other participants or be in your own space.

Guided by internationally touring artists Sri Kala and J Brave, Actualize Recording Retreat will give you the support, and encouragement to transform your personal story into a masterpiece.


You're Invited!

Click apply and fill out an application form.

Someone from our team will come a-knocking. 

What you will receive

  • Everyone will leave the retreat with a Demo Album of 3 songs. Ready to produce at professional studio. 

  • Create music and lyrics at the sacred sites of Sedona Arizona 

  • 4 days of lunch and dinner from our private chef to nourish your soul

  • Spectacular hikes, yoga, breathwork, creative exercises, nature ceremonies, and initiations with an intimate tribe of like minded souls 

  • Focus on your personal anthem, sharing your story, and the power of improvisation 

  • Support from professional songwriters and producers to hone your craft and deepen your creative practice 

  • Align with a community of artists that will spark friendships for a lifetime 

  • Private mentorship and in-person guidance to help reveal the greatest version of yourself 

Location: Sedona, Arizona

Date: May 10th - 14th, 2022

Seats: 8 participants max

Time: 4 days



Through Sri Kala’s musical collages we take glimpses into collected parts of himself. With the sounds of Afrobeat, R&B Fusion, Mantra and Hiphop.  It is Brooklyn meets LA, Africa meets India. You can hear the deep healing and spiritual meaning he found through the Eastern spiritual traditions.


The music gives your soul a sound.   


Sri Kala is committed to uplifting his communities and all people to a higher ground. He is the founder of Unique Masterpiece which is a group for creative expression and wellness. Presenting a variety of teachers and artists all set on bringing more healing and creativity into the planet.

jbrave photo.jpeg

Spaceholder, wayshower, connector, guide, J Brave’s greatest gift has always been to bring people together. As a former  counselor for homeless and at-risk youth, he learned the importance of service, and now sees his music as a means to inspire the world.


He expresses himself as an MC, poet, rapper, songwriter, and storyteller. In addition, as visionary of Benevolece events, he aspires to curate diverse gatherings celebrating the power of human kindness, indigenous practices, and Earth stewardship.

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