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Welcome to UM Artist Circle

Unlock Your Potential in the World of Music


Are you an artist looking to elevate your music career and expand your horizons?


Join the UM Artist CIRCLE, where we provide you with a multitude of benefits to help you flourish as an artist.

What's in it for you?

Music Distribution

  • Get your music heard by a broader audience through our distribution channels.

VIP Resource Network

  • Gain exclusive access to a wealth of industry resources to enhance your craft.

Discount on Coaching Packages and Artist Services

  • Enjoy special discounts on coaching and artist-related services to accelerate your growth.

A Spot as a Teacher in Our Knowledge Base

  • Share your expertise and become a part of our teaching community.


Exclusive Access to All of Our Events and Workshops

  • Participate in workshops, events, and networking opportunities tailored to your artistic journey.

Promotion Through Our UM Channels

  • Get featured and promoted across our platforms, increasing your visibility.

Spaces to Teach Your Music Arts

  • Utilize our facilities for teaching and nurturing your artistry.

Standards for Joining UM Artist

To maintain the integrity of our community, we have some standards in place:

1. Artistic Credentials
Release at least 2 albums and have a growing presence on social media.

2. Connection to Well-being and Holistic Lifestyle
Embrace a holistic approach to your music and lifestyle.

3. Active Engagement
Attend our monthly group meetings and maintain an active social media presence (mention follower count).

4. Commitment to growth
Declare your commitment to both creating music and continuous learning.

5. Flexibility
You define your output consistency; we respect your creative journey.

6. Commitment Agreement
Sign a contract outlining your commitments to the UM Artist community.

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