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SriKala is a spiritual mentor, speaker, live performer and music producer. He has taught meditation, mantra, qigong and other well being practices since 2001. He offers this combination as a healer, artist coach and music producer in his offering “Unique Masterpiece,” a program for tapping into fearless creative expression and self mastery.
Along with his services in Unique Masterpiece, he has traveled the world as a live performer and DJ. He has produced several albums, remixes and singles for popular artist and has been featured in Yoga Journal for his accomplishments as a cross over meditation-oriented musician.

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Artist Coaching with Sri Kala

Dear Beloved Seeker,


We have been in each others energy for some time and now we have both aligned in this same space at the same time. I have felt your desires and longings and am here with you seeing you in your highest. Come with all that you are. The highs and the lows. The more you show up with.. The more I can love you. For I have been sent here to this earth to love you. To share with you with the lifetimes of knowledge and guidance that I have been blessed with. Holding space for your release, let go, and surrender into your greatness. Into your infinite capacity to love and be loved.



Thank You,

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