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 Artist Development

   In today’s world of entertainment and media  people easily celebrate amazing songs, but  are they aware of how those pieces of music came to be? In a world where there is more creative output than ever before due to technology, yet there are few people that walk the path towards a unique masterpiece.

Artist development is about having the skill and experience to bring ideas and creativity that are inside you into physical manifestation. Bringing it into a format where it can be shared professionally with the world. Whether it’s an album or live performance.


Singer or songwriter-- you don’t have to choose.  You can be a prolific songwriter with the right coaching and vice versa. Do you need to find your place in the entertainment realm? There are those that desire to make it big and others that simply want to have an avenue to express who they are. It’s important to know what your strong points are and we can help you do that.

When your creative flow has strong momentum, does your inner and relational lives often suffer. When you start to give more conscious attention to your creative life and the people you care about most, do you notice more bumps in your creative journey?


The big question in your heart is: “How do I create a life where my creativity, inner life and relational world are all thriving?” To really embody a full spectrum spiritual entrepreneur lifestyle.



Artist Coach / Spiritual Mentor

SriKala Roach


Artist Coach / Spiritual Mentor

Anna Diorio