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Hello and welcome, we've been expecting you!  click below to find your way to the MINDFULNESS & WRITER'S BLISS mini-course.


We are glad you are here with us, and can't wait to take this journey inward together. 


Let's dive in!


the flute was so emotional for me and brought up so much great, juicy, really sad but so powerful, uplifting experiences for me. once the flood gates opened, it was okay then for me to have other emotions also. then i channeled that into my writing.

i found these sessions to be very therapeutic, i told my partner that i feel like i'm in therapy everyday.


thank you so much for creating this safe space sri, and for allowing me to be bold.


-Anna morgan

this experience has been tremendously opening for me. there's a knowingness, a trusting, that i don't think that i've felt before. and letting myself go there, even saying it out loud, is beautiful.


in this particular writing, i've been having these cosmic experiences lately, it's become normal, and i feel very connected to my mother. it's a beautiful oneness.

this helped me realize that i am in this world to be kind, loving, and to not be afraid to be that. in all areas of my life. 

-mwb client

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