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Exploring well-being through spiritual practices, song-production & creative expression.



So you've been fanning the flames of your heart. You also have meditated and visualized that thing that you want so much that it feels like your holding it in your hands. One important step to actually seeing it come into the physical is bringing your love into action and show up! That takes massive courage and faith. It takes willingness to look discomfort and fear of rejection right in the eyes! It takes being willing to receive support in your journey of exponential growth. If these words speak to the core of your soul.. then this group Love In Action is for you!

Join SriKala and a group of like minded trail blazers. Dive in with us every week for 3 months to explore the realms of your deepest longings. We will do meditation and other well being practices for inner balance and mindset work to ignite the vision. Bringing all the juice we cultivate into Action in the world! Find freedom and confidence in executing your deepest passions. Become your best self and break down all barriers of fear and lack while receiving support from the other like minded participants in the group.

4 two hour group session a month on Zoom

Group Starts Early May

What you get:?

  • Guided Group meditations to being clarity and balance, open the heart, and inspire enthusiastic action.

  • Guest speakers that are geniuses in their field. To inspiring us and bring their knowledge of life forth.

  • Access to private Facebook group for continued love and inspiration throughout the week.

  • Receiving inspiration and support from other like minded creatives and entrepreneurs in the group.

  • Exercises and action steps to remove any and all blocks towards what your deepest love offering to the world is.

  • Confidence in your voice and a clearer connection with your life purpose.

  • Strengthen your focus and mind power.

  • Learn how to move through creative blocks.

  • Hone in the science of living your love.

  • To break free from self inflicted walls.

  • Find ease in showing up for opportunities

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