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Songstress of the light, Lena Belle sings from a deep love in her soul and shares that love with the world. Her lyrics connect our hearts to nature and the wisdom of our innermost selves. Her joyful mix of crystal clear, soaring vocals, inventive beats, solfeggio frequencies, and healing sounds is a breath of fresh air for the listener.

“Lena is a rising talent. She has a voice that speaks for a generation of the longing for spirit, for love, for balance, for identity. Lena’s words offer a sense of hope for how we can navigate our expansive inner life in the modern world.

— LA Yoga Magazine

After studying classical music at the Eastman School of Music, Lena Belle returned to her hometown of San Diego and decided to devote herself fully to her original music. She started building an organic fanbase by performing at local venues, bars, restaurants, hotels, and more. She then decided to jump into the fray, moving to New York City. There she performed all over Manhattan and Brooklyn at original music shows, jam sessions, poetry events, showcases, gardens, healing events, and elsewhere She also became known for her stunning renditions of Edith Piaf songs performed with charming musicality in her fluent French.

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