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Katrina Blackstone

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Katrina Blackstone aka The Singing Oracle is an international Vocalist, Songwriter, Intuitive, and Sound Healer living in Los Angeles, CA. Her mission is to bring Love and Joy to the world through Music, Beauty, and Laughter.  

 you can listen to her singing oracle through her Unique masterpiece University workshop.


Click the link below to Join Katrina at her UMU workshop.

The Singing Oracle

When the world shut down in 2020, Katrina went within and pivoted. She found solace in pulling oracle cards and began using her voice to channel songs. 

Affirmative readings are : Heart centered, channeled messages over music intended to help you connect with the answers from your higher self...exactly what you need to hear right now! 


She has forged her own unique path through the indie-electronic scene with the kind of emotional depth that is often unheard. newly released album, Border Frequency. Check out her newest single, “Get Up”!

Find more Content by this Teacher and more at the Unique Masterpiece University 

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