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Tap into your fearless creative expression. Re-energize your life

Energy Activation Session

What is Energy Activation?

Whether we know it or not, we are all energetic beings experiencing various flavors of energy expressed through our thoughts, feelings and actions.


When your energy is low, unbalanced, or not centered, your creative force can become blocked. Your health stagnant. Your sense of self confidence or worth can become lost. Your divine purpose on earth can be a bit fuzzy and confusing.


During energy activation sessions, I use my intuitive abilities to hear see and feel you. Through healing frequencies and the energy of divine love you are supported back into a state of deep embodiment and soul connection. Allowing your energy to move and balance to return. Opening up your natural pathways for more love, health, wealth, creativity and self mastery.


If your ready to let go of all blocks.. mental, physical and emotional.. and live from your unending source of love and fearless creative expression… I’m excited to dive in with you!

What you'll need for a session?

  • Live Video Chat Via Skype (Preferred), Zoom or Facebook Video Chat

  • Quiet and undisturbed location.

  • If using a cell phone have a phone stand or holder so you don’t have to hold the phone in your hand (or life hack it with a cup 😏)

  • Allow for 10 minutes to get settled in with technology.


When and where?

  • Skype(Preferred)or Zoom

  • Use Calendly Scheduler below to schedule a time and day. If your best time and date isn't available email us at

Session Duration

  • 30 Mins for first time clients


  • First session is a suggested donation of $50. 

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