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Tap into your fearless creative expression. Re-energize your life

7 week online course with

SriKala & Anna Diorio

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In our natural state we are all overflowing with ideas and creativity energy.  You are here to consistently create meaningful works of art and put to use those sudden inspiration before they slip away. You want empowering relationships and community to nourish your spirituality and self-expression. You can feel fullness of your purpose brushing against your skin and the power of your voice is ready to experience its boundlessness. Are you ready to receive the love, support and guidance you need and deserve to manifest your creative vision?


Unique Masterpiece presents: Effortless Creativity, a 7-week online course with SriKala and Anna Diorio.


There are few things in the world as powerful as a human being using their voice to make a difference. When we express ourselves - whether it be through music, visual art, writing, dancing, poetry, public speaking, or any other form of expression - we create worlds that never would have existed before. We move mountains and hearts. We bridge the gap between spirit and flesh. We inspire others as we nourish ourselves. We expand our impact and seize the ultimate opportunity of being human - to create.


Effortless creativity is designed to help you:

  • Live in your highest creative potential, free of all excuses and limitations.

  • Break through “creative blocks” anytime, anywhere and transform what stops you into what frees you up

  • Learn how to create no matter what the circumstances or conditions.

  • Express your message with clarity, consistency and creativity.

  • Unleash your inner artist

  • Invite being seen

  • Connect your spiritual and creative practices so they feed each other and expand

  • Tap into “flow state” anytime, anywhere for effortless creativity

  • What grows your enthusiasm and determination for your service in the world?

  • Money and Living your Love

  • Knowing and self worth


And so much more!

This course is for conscious creators, influencers, spiritual leaders, teachers, students, parents, entrepreneurs, businessmen & women, and master artists who are hungry for more.

Join us, take the leap, and let your creativity be effortless - always!

7 Weeks Starting June 3rd
June 3rd, 10th, 17th
July 1st, 8th, 15th
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