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An Official

Disclosure Fest


A free showcase of Unique Masterpiece artists that will arouse the creative master within you.

An Official Disclosure Fest Pre-Party

Let's reach a peak creative experience together. Arrive at a place where our inspiration to create overflows. The authentic you comes forward to bring masterpieces into the world.

Take this online journey with us as we soothe your heart, expand your mind and move your body through live music and interactive creative prompts.


Bringing you inspiration to get free, be TURNED ON and express all of who you are.

Throughout the event you will get songwriting prompts between each musical collage that will lead to a complete poetic piece by the end of the event. From there you will be given a link to Unique Masterpiece University. All participants who post their poem will be entered to win a creative bundle of music, workshop access passes from Unique Masterpiece Artists. 





In-person festivals are on their way back in! This "Creative Climax" event is a pre-party to fan the flames for Disclosure Fest's Summer Solstice event. They are leading the charge with their next Mass Meditation Initiative. Join in Los Angeles on June 19th, 2021. Click the Flyer below for more information.


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