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Exploring well-being through spiritual practices, song-production & creative expression.

Along with SriKala’s 15 years of meditation practice. He is also certified reiki energy healer and has studied many healing modalities such as Qigong and Reconnective healing. In these sessions SriKala will tap into your energy body and assist in letting go to your body’s natural healing abilities. Bring balance to your physical, emotional and mental body.

Energy Activation Session 


What is Energy Activation?


Whether we know it or not, we are all energetic beings and experiencing various flavors of energy expressed through our thoughts, feelings and actions.


In today’s day and age we are experience more and more knowledge around the science of energy healing. The Ancient Vedic System from India recognizes these energy centers as chakras. Through various practices of pranayama (breathing techniques) and Yoga one can revitalize and enhance the energy body.


In the Chinese medicine path, they see this energy running through meridians that can be accessed through qigong, accupressure and accupuncture.


When the energetic body is low or unbalanced thoughts can be fuzzy or the path to take unclear. At times our emotional states can be sporadic and difficult to process. If our emotional body is imbalanced or unsettled any action we take from that space can be extremely counterproductive to all the growth that we want in our lives. Therefore having a regular energy healing support is an amazing feature to have in your life.


As an energy healer, I create a nourishing energy field through my focused one pointed attention, healing sound frequencies and the divine energy of love. Holding a frequency of total well being which allows you to experience state of letting go or releasing. Bringing more attention into your own body and allowing energy to move and balance to return. As you rest in this expanded energy field experience more space to process hard feelings. Giving room for emotions to be acknowledged, nurtured and released to make room for more of our highest expansions.


My understanding of how energy moves awoke from my 15 years of meditation practice, reiki certification and my studies of other healing modalities such as Qigong and Reconnective healing. Being on this spiritual journey has also taught me so many sciences of healing that are only now being documented... and most times beyond language and description.


In an Energy Activation Session - You may experience:

Relaxed and clear mind

Awaking of the bodies natural self healing abilities

Decreased or clearing of physical pain

Deep relaxation and Clearing of stress and bodily tension

Expanded Creative and Sexual energy

Physical Orgasm

Clearing of toxins from the physical body

Increasing vitality and Longer lifespan

Release of old childhood trauma

More satisfaction in relationship

Greater Access to Creative Expression

Easier success in manifesting your greatest desires

  • 1 hour  session on video chat. (in person possible depending on location)

  • Energy Activation session unique to your personal needs and expansion

  • Download of Heart Fire meditation for continued practice. 

Energy Healing is a complimentary! As its always recommended to continue any western medicine regiments you are currently on.






(includes 90 days plus 1-on-1retreat)


2/1/2018- 5/1/2018
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