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Exploring well-being through spiritual practices, song-production & creative expression.

One-on-One Creactivations





What is your Unique Masterpiece?


We all have it…

Singers, DJs and producers, spoken word artists, yogis, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs.


Let’s unfold those masterpieces and live them fully!


(includes 90 days plus 1-on-1retreat)


Through one on one calls and a retreat at one of my favorite places around the world. Take a pick from Paris, Maui, Amsterdam, LA (home base), NYC ( Home base), Berlin and more.


Different locations have different flavors of inspiration and energy. By leaving your familiar atmosphere we will be freed up to have our imaginations run wild and create space for you to create masterpieces of art and sound.


With 15 years of meditation, qigong, yoga and energy work practice, I have created a daily schedule of wellness practices that we will do together to create an easeful flow of creative output.


Leaving the retreat with a professionally produced piece of music. Keep it with you as a reminder that you are a masterpiece. You can take infinite doses of your unique song. Or take that masterpiece you've created and share it with the world.



  • 7 Masterpiece Calls (4 before retreat and 3 after)

    • On these calls, we identify masterpieces that you are bringing into form on earth and prepare them for our 1on1 5 day journey.

  • 1 on 1 retreat

    • Everyday we rise and shine with Meditation, Qigong, Breathwork and Mantra. These exercises will also unearth endless amounts of creative material for us to bring into production.

    • Songwriting sessions with creative writing games and exercises to unfold our hearts and let your fullest creative expression shine through. Unlimited songwriting support from me.

    • Take in creative inspiration from the masterpieces in the city, town or island we inhabit. Those that are fresh and new expressions and those that have been left behind. Art Exhibits, Museums, Shows. For a little while… Make a distant city your home and through that be inspired deeper into your own art. So we will enjoy this city, town or island.... Not only from the perspective of experiencing its culture and entertainment but most importantly from the lense of an artist that is there to create your own personal masterpiece.

    • Music Production sessions… Professional Home Studio style.  Where we will take all the inspiration, the realizations and releases we get from our journey together and create music.

    • Vegetarian/ Vegan Food included. Meals provided according to your diet. Delivery and sometimes eating out.

    • Housing included in price. Either a BEAUTIFUL and COSY AirBnb in the center of town with 2 rooms and main space with music studio or separate space. OR separate spaces as comfort requires.



2/1/2018- 5/1/2018
Click here for sample itenerary.
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