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Here at Unique Masterpiece University we pride ourselves on our teachers and the wisdom that they share.  

Whether you're more comfortable in a music studio, a yoga studio, or a social design studio; our teachers can help you take your passion to the next level. 

From healers and life coaches to music production courses and vocal/lyricist coaching, we have a wide variety of teachers and workshops to choose.


Click on the link below and get started on the path to a satisfied and more successful life

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Music Education

Are you New to music, looking to expand upon the skills you already have, or trying to get your talents noticed?  

UMU hosts everything From Lyrical and Vocal coaches, a variety of music teachers,  music production courses, and Social Media outreach.  We can help you achieve your Musical Dreams

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Wellness & workshops

UMU hosts a variety of Workshops and online content. From Mindfulness writing sessions with a teacher, deeply healing sound journeys, a Singing oracle, to life coaches, and much more.. You can find a may find a new outlook on life as you learn along side a community that will feel like family. 

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