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Katrina Sings the day

Join Katrina Blackstone at Unique Masterpiece University, as she leads Katrina Sings the Day. This affirmative collective reading integrating Oracle Cards and Music presents a reading like none you’ve heard before.  

Unique Masterpiece is a place to connect with masters,  collaborate with other artists, learn new skills, and dive into the world of digital art

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    Meet our multi-genre music production team. We serve with production for full albums, Eps, Singles, and Remixes.


We support the idea all the way to mixing and mastering.


we are producers. instrumentalists, and coaches that support the full completion of any music project.

Music Production

Tap into your fearless creative expression.

Re-energize your life

A resource for conscious embodied creative expression. We serve you by supporting your clarity of mind, purpose of heart and skill of the hands. A space to get to know more sides of yourself and be surrounded by others interested in the union of spirituality, creative expression and massive world impact.

New Music Releases

Sri Kala & J Brave

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   $UNIQ is the central currency used within Unique Masterpiece LLC. Minted on the Blockchain by Roll.


 Coins that inspire creative expression and authentic expression within the community. 

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